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Object Storage User Guide

Glossary AWS - Amazon Web Service
S3 - Simple Storage Service. Amazon's object storage service and, more generally, the protocol it uses.

1. Request AWS Account

Requesting Access

Follow these steps to self request creation of an ORNL AWS account.

One created, ITSD will provide login information and your IAM access credentials.

If you are working on a project which already has an AWS account, ask them to create a IAM user for you with S3 access.

2. Obtain IAM credentials

An 'accesskey' and 'secretkey' credential pair is provided when a new ORNL AWS account is created.

You may wish to review the IAM Overview for more information on creating new IAM users, restricting access roles, etc.

3. Interacting with Object Storage

There are several methods of interacting with the object storage environment. These methods are documented for convenience, but not officially supported by CADES.

After authenticating and obtaining a key-pair (described below) you may then interact using the methods most suitable to your needs.

  • aws cli - command line client (click here for instructions)
    • Command line user friendly and scriptable automation workflows
    • Pre-installed and available from CADES condos
    • Easy to install on CADES cloud instance
    • The 'standard' method for interacting with many on premium and cloud based object storages.
    • Simple to switch between CADES and AWS storage targets
  • Python BOTO3
    • The Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK for Python
    • Abstracts aws cli operations within library
    • Integration with existing python based workflows and Jupyter notebooks (example)
  • Graphical Clients (CyberDuck, etc.)
    • Windows and OSX users, instrument and data collection systems, etc.

4. Moving Files with a Graphical SFTP Client

CADES maintains documentation for CyberDuck and WinSCP clients. See here.

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