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AWS Account Creation and Access

ORNL users and projects can self request an AWS account, and provide a charge number to which all incurred costs will be directed. Once approved, ORNL ITSD will provide a set of IAM access credentials.

You may request an AWS account through the ITSD catalog

📝 Note: Before requesting creation of a new account, you may wish to inquire within your team or group to see if one already exists which you may access. This may help aggregate resources used by different team members within one aws acount for easier management.

Responsibility for Fees

You are responsible for all costs incurred.


AWS costs depend on which services are consumed and for how long. The AWS service catalog provides links to current pricing for each available service. Each account is separate, and account holders can see the accused costs. Those costs will be billed monthly (on or about the 6th of the month for the previous month) by cost transfer to a single cost center. Projects needing to further subdivide costs will need to use tagging and set up their own cost transfers once the main bill transfer is completed.

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