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AWS Overview

Amazon Web Service (AWS) provides an extensive public cloud service catalog

AWS allow for creating virtual machines of many sizes, using deep learning frameworks, data storage in S3 and Glacier, hosting databases (mysql, postgres and Oracle), and creating serverless applications.

Interaction is via the AWS Web Console, the command line aws cli, or language bindings (the boto python library, etc.)

To use AWS you may self request an ORNL AWS account

Charges are billed monthly to an ORNL charge number you provide (required).

CADES Non-supported Service

CADES has no visibility into, nor ability to support, AWS projects and services.

Creation of AWS accounts, billing, etc. are administered by ORNL ITSD.

Information and tutorials provided here are as a courtesy to CADES users, with no further support obligation assumed.

Index of AWS Resources

  1. Requesting an AWS Account
  2. IAM Overview
  3. Store Data in S3
  4. Launch VMs
  5. GPU Instances, ML Frameworks
  6. AWS Training Resources
  7. AWS Tips

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