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Create a New Security Group

📝 Note: By default, all newly created Security Groups allow all outbound IPV4 and IPV6 (enabled but not functional). By default, no inbound traffic is allowed.

  1. Navigate to the Horizon web interface at
  2. Log in with your UCAMS credentials.
    • Domain: ornl
    • Username: Your three-letter UCAMS ID
    • Password: Your UCAMS password
  3. Click on the Project tab on the top left.
  4. Select the Compute sub tab.
  5. Select the Access & Security sub tab.

  6. Select the Security Groups sub tab to view a table/list of the Security Groups. 
  7. Click Create Security Group at the top right of the Security Groups table.
  8. In the resulting dialog, fill out the Name and Description (optional) fields.
  9. Click the Create Security Group button to complete the creation of the new Security Group.

    Your new Security Group should now be available in the Security Groups table.

📝 Note: The Security Group must be added to the Instance to take effect. See below.

Add a Security Group to your Instance

  • To add the new Security Group to your VM, navigate to ProjectComputeInstances
  • Click on the drop-down (▾) menu to the right of the instance to which you would like to attach the new rule, then select Edit security groups.
  • On the left side of the resulting window are all of the available security groups. On the right is a list of the security groups that are attached to your instance. Find the security group on the left that you would like to add to your instance and click (+).
  • Click Save.

Just as you can with the default Security Group, you can create and manage rules for user-created Security Groups from the Manage Rules screen.

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