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Launch a VM: Key Pair Use

Key Pair Tab – An SSH key pair is required to access your VM Instance.

You can create a new key pair for this Instance (Option 1) or choose a key pair from the Available list (Option 2).

📝 Note: Before deciding, you should check your local machine for an existing key pair (instructions). If you skip this step, the instance will not allow you to log in!
See the Access your VM Instance Using SSH documentation for more information.

  • Option 1: Create a new key pair for this instance.
    • Click the + Create Key Pair button.
    • Enter a name for your new key pair in the resulting dialog.
    • Click Create Key Pair to associate this new key pair to your Instance.
    • The private key will be downloaded to your local machine as a .pem file.
    • On your local machine, place the .pem file in the ~/.ssh/ directory (instructions).
    • Once finished, click Next to proceed to the next tab.
  • Option 2: Use available key pair for this Instance.
    • Available – List of available key pairs that were previously generated or imported. Choose the desired key pair, and click + to associate it with your VM Instance.
    • Allocated – Upon selection, the chosen key pair will move to the Allocated list.
    • Once finished, click Next to proceed to the next tab.

Configuration Tab – This section is not required for deployment and is not currently supported by the CADES team.

Metadata Tab – No user input required. Skip this step.

Click Launch Instance when you have completed all required sections. Congratulations! A new instance will be launched. Once fully provisioned, the status will change to "Running," and you can access your VM Instance using SSH (instructions).

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