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Oak Ridge Institutional Clusters (OIC) Termination

The Oak Ridge Institutional Clusters (OIC) reached end of life and was removed from service on October 1, 2018.

The Panasas filesystem serving OIC was decommissioned at that time. All data was backed up to CADES-maintained storage and will be stored there until March 1, 2019, after which it is liable to be deleted as the storage space will be required for other projects.

  • This includes data from the old E204 Panasas file system and the even older Block12/Block13 storage array.
  • Weekly synchronization between Panasas and CADES NFS storage was performed until the OIC was removed from service.
  • Since the OIC is in the Moderate protection zone, all files have been synced to moderate NFS storage in CADES.

Accessing and Transferring Retired OIC Data

For help with using scp or rsync over ssh please contact

For help with using other protocols to transfer files from the CADES infrastructure, please contact CADES.

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