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NOTICE: Nodes belonging to the birthright, chem, cnms, ccsd, bsd, mstd, ntrc, nucphys, virtues, theory, qmc, and ccsi groups have now moved to the Slurm scheduler and can be accessed from See the Running Jobs documentation for more details.


The Login process is dependent on what network you are starting from and whether you have been issued an ORNL computer and UCAMS ID. CADES login nodes are not directly accessible from all networks so, some starting points, such as ORNL-Visitor wireless, will require a few additional steps.

Cades Condo Login Node
Open research


To properly utilize SHPC Condos, you will need a couple of utilities loaded on your local machine. These utilities are free and widely used for this type of application.

  • Required: SSH client
  • Recommended: Bash terminal

📝 Note: CADES does not provide support for getting these utilities up and running on your personal computer.

MacOS and Linux

Both macOS and Linux distributions include a Bash terminal and an SSH client by default. No additional software should be required to access SHPC Condos.

Windows Users

Windows does not have a native SSH client or a native Bash terminal. A few solutions are linked below.

  • Option 1: PuTTY - SSH client and Bash environment for Windows.
  • Option 2: Git Bash – Part of the Git for Windows environment includes Git Bash, which provides a light weight ssh client.
  • Option 3: Cygwin – If you wish to have Bash-style functions on your Windows machine, then you should consider installing Cygwin, which ports the Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) system calls and environment to Windows.

Login Process from the ORNL Campus

Network Who can access Method of access
ORNLWPA wireless

ORNL internal wire
Generally ORNL staff, however, visiting researchers
or contractors who are issued a UCAMS id and an ORNL computer
may be able to access these networks and use this process.

Your user ID will be a UCAMS ID.
Log in directly from CADES Condo login nodes:
Open condos:
Moderate condos:
ornl-visitor wireless Collaborating Researchers who are not ORNL staff
and who are using a computer that is not owned by ORNL.

Your user ID will be an XCAMS ID.
You must go through the CADES external visitor node before accessing the login nodes.

Step 1: Log in to visitor node

Step 2: Log in to condos.
Open condos:
Moderate condos:

Login Process from a Remote Location

How you login to CADES from a remote location will also depend on whether you are ORNL staff or not. ORNL staff will have a UCAMS ID and non-staff collaborators will only have an XCAMS ID.

Remote Access for ORNL Staff

For ORNL staff members, external access to CADES will require an ORNL issued RSA soft or hard token from the Solution Center (865-241-6765) and access to the ORNL VPN or external ORNL login nodes. CADES can not request these on your behalf.

📝 Note: You will need to contact the ORNL solutions center to get setup with RSA tokens and VPN.

VPN Method

Use this method if you are initiating your remote access from an ORNL-owned computer. Request RSA Token and VPN from ORNL Solutions Center ((865-241-6765) if you do not have them. Cades cannot make this request for you and will need to install the VPN while you are on campus. Use your RSA Token to active the ORNL VPN then login as if you were on campus:

  • Open condos: ssh
  • Moderate condos: ssh
  • Contact solution center for VPN or RSA Token help.

External ORNL login node method

Alternately request and RSA Token and access to ORNL's external login nodes, or

  • You would use this method if you are using your own computer for remote access or if you cannot set up the ORNL VPN for any reason.
  • You can self-request the "External Login Server' role from while you are on campus:
    • Go to "Main menu -> Access Management -> Resource by Resource -> Request (radio button) -> OK" and choose "ORNL Login Server"
  • If you are off campus, contact Solution Center (865-241-6765) and they can make the request on your behalf.
    • You will still need to pick up an RSA Token when you are on campus.

Once you have access to the external login and your RSA Token:

Step 1: Log in to ORNL external node:

  • ssh
  • Enter your PIN + RSA Passcode

Step 2: Log in to condos:

  • Open condos: ssh
  • Moderate condos: ssh
  • Remote Access for Non-ORNL Staff

You must go through the CADES external visitor login node before accessing the condo login nodes.

Step 1: log in to visitor login node

  • ssh

Step 2: log in to condos.

  • Open condos: ssh
  • Moderate condos: ssh

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